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About Victoria Lifestyle

Publisher Mathieu POwell

Mathieu Powell in Victoria BC

Mathieu Powell heads up Coastline Marketing Inc. – a media company focused on creating multi-media marketing strategies to build client relations and referral business through stories and rich digital content. He began the company as a proprietorship and wrote for a handful of clients in his spare time. He quickly saw the positive effects of good content for his clients and decided to launch into it full time.

“I’m enamoured by the power of stories. I believe our common, ancient sagas and our individual stories are a gateway to a better world. For it is only through empathy that we find understanding, through understanding, peace, and though peace, healing. We can’t carry another’s burdens, but we can bear witness to their stories, lighten their loads, and find a common ground of agreement.”

He started this website as a tribute to his 30+ year adopted city to encourage people living and moving here to celebrate its beauty and charm.

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